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Article : "Les stratégies d'Open Savoir-Faire"

(Open Savoir Faire strategies)

vendredi 22 février 2013

Open Blended Research

A good practice of academical research on business management proceeds as followed : 
- get/create/have an idea
- collect and review literature
- assess whether the idea has been explored before 
- design the idea
- interview a couple of emblematic CEOs
- revisit the idea design
- give the idea design  a distinctive name
- write a draft article and have it reviewed by trusted collegues
- leverage the brand of the academic institution to gather a community
- write a survey
- launch the survey at the community
- collect the data
- made a quantitative analysis
- submit the results at a symposium
- publish a final article in a prestigious research magazine
- compensate the communuity by sending highlights of the research

What new practices might develop in a digital paradigme ?

We think that one of them might be  "Open Blended Research".