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Article : "Les stratégies d'Open Savoir-Faire"

(Open Savoir Faire strategies)

mardi 7 décembre 2010

Regime management for IT

On June 20. 2010, Paris, France, The Archilogy Institute launched an initiative to develop streams of regime [1] management practices for the IT services industry. 

The initiative should deliver a project of which governance should be inspired by Open Source, Wikipedia and Cloud Computing visions. 

« IT Regime Management (RegIT) » should name the stream of practices that would be open and creative.
  • open because its builders and users are not bound to a central legal entity through contractual agreements such as a subscription or a labor contract but form a community where members are bound together through one-to-many arrangements which allows “sharing, reusing and remixing, - legally” intellectual outputs;
  • creative because the one-to-many arrangements which bind builders and users of the practice together are based on Creative Commons contracts which have been crafted to foster creativity and innovation. 

A call for contributors, - builders and users-, is placed.

An open Linkedin group is created under the name of "Regime Management for enterprises and IT services".

Members of this group are invited to enable « sharing, reusing and remixing, -legally- », their intellectual outputs under Creative Commons licences.

Anchoring into the ocean of knowledge
[1] Regime [Fr: régime] as a notion from political science is deeply rooted in French history and culture.

About the page
This page is a cell of The Archilogy Institute, an open creative knowledge community addressing governance within enterprises and ecosystems.

Contacting the cell nurturer
The present cell is nurtured by Tru Dô-Khac, a Paris based independant researcher/consultant in IT and innovation governance. To sustain this cell, Tru Dô-Khac delivers training, lectures, professional services and consulting.

Tracing the cell life
  • Published on by Tru Dô-Khac, France, on June 22. 2010.
  • Migrated to this site on December 7. 2010. 

« Sharing, remixing, reusing, - legally- », the cell content
Creative Commons License
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