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Article : "Les stratégies d'Open Savoir-Faire"

(Open Savoir Faire strategies)

mercredi 10 août 2011

"IT Relationships to do the right things...

...and IT processes to do the things right".

Every one knows that an IT manager's job is "to do the thing right and do the right thing" . (En français : "faire les choses bien et faire les bonnes choses", que l'on pourrait également traduire sans effets de manches par "faire ce qu'il faut et bien le faire" !). 

But few people know that the original phrase is “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things”, that one should pay tribute for the quote to Peter Drucker (1909-2005), and  that there is a foundation to build on Peter Drucker's legacy,  The Drucker Institute.

For IT managers,
- "do the things right" means deliver to the business quality systems, on time and on budget
-" do the right thing" means to partner with the business in view to innovate.

PS :
For French reading visitors, an article has just been published "Redonner du sens aux processus SI avec un régime numérique" [Ang : Find your way in the IT RACI complex with an IT Regime] accessible though the repository of articles on IT Regime Management  and directly on ITRManager magazine.

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Another piece of thought  here on why relationships should come before processes in the digital economy.