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lundi 6 décembre 2010

Five business requirements and five capabilities for the next generation IT Governance practices

For the next generation practices of IT governance, five practices capabilities should  help meet five business requirements.

Today, innovative agile information systems architecture such as service oriented architectures (SOA) and Cloud Computing  offers are believed to bring to both multinational companies (MNC) and small medium enterprises (SME) an unprecedented agility.
The promise should be fully met if current (in-house) IT governance practices and IT outsourcing governance practices are bridged together. Eventually, their merge would give birth to a next generation of IT governance practices.

The five business requirements for the next generation IT governance practices are
  • Business requirement 1 : address at the same time business productivity, agility and innovation through IT usage
  • Business requirement 2 : address in-house IT governance,
  • Business requirement 3 : address outsourced IT governance,
  • Business requirement 4 : fit to multinational corporation organisations,
  • Business requirement 5 : fit to small and medium business organisations,
To meet these business requirements, a next generation IT governance practice should bear five capabilities
  • IT governance practice capability 1: nurture massive usage of information systems and services
  • IT governance practice capability 2 : bridge together in-house IT governance practices and outsourced IT governance practices,
  • IT governance practice capability 3 : be supported by dedicated training tools and operation systems,
  • IT governance practice capability 4 : allow upfront easy light/lean global implementation,
  • IT governance practice capability 5 : be widely shared by players from both the client side and the supplier side, and be supported by the academic arena,

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