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Article : "Les stratégies d'Open Savoir-Faire"

(Open Savoir Faire strategies)

mercredi 10 août 2011

"IT processes to do things right...

...and IT relationships to do the right things".

In French : "des processus SI pour faire bien les choses, des relations SI pour faire les bonnes choses".

Every one knows that an IT manager's job is "to do the thing right and do the right thing" .
But maybe  fewers know the original quote is “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things” and to whom on should pay tribute : Peter Drucker (1909-2005).

For IT managers,
- "do the things right" means deliver to the business quality systems, on time and on budget
- "do the right thing" means to partner with the business in order to help them innovate. 

This simple but stunning piece of thought is now enforced in IT management best pratices : relationship is handled at the same level as process.
As a matter of fact, the just published best practice ITIL 2011 Edition is featuring in the "ITIL Service Strategy" book two new processes : Business Relationship Management, Demand Management and in the "ITIL Service Design" book "Design Coordination" [1].

For French reading visitors, around 20 articles focusing on business-IT relationships have been published since April 2010 in various French professional magazines.

We are looking for sponsors to have them translated in English. You are welcome to write to the author.

[1]  "ITIL 2011 Summary of Updates" Crown Copyright